Fabulous Friday, XVII

Fabulous Friday, XVII

Happy Weekend, friends! It’s finally Friday.  This week has been full of both parts work and fun. I am fully exhausted today so here is to a good, restful night of sleep before the probably no so restful weekend.

This past weekend I spent the morning at Pepperplace. We joined some friends for board games Saturday night. Ryan some how won the three games we played.


I took an aerial yoga class Sunday and Thursday night. Thursday was fun because I did some moves I had never done before like flipping into the hammock as well as some fancy leg and feet work to change positions. BUT I need some meds, a heating pad and Epsom salt bath now.

I was on call at work one day so I readied my toesies for football season. Crimson and white jersey boys I am ready for you. As well as grabbed a cheese plate dinner.

All the anniversary trip research has me craving the food already.


As everyone knows I am on the constant quest for self improvement as well as self discovery. 2017 broke me and it will never be worth it but I am thankful for this entire journey to being myself. This recent research comes as a surprise to no one. Why did I even take the test. Ha! I am excited to read further into how this effects my habit formations etc.

I finally found (I think) a podcast app for my new phone. I have been listening to this lately, A Little Salty Podcast.

I do not love the idea of a backpack labeling me as a tourist with just once glance, but who am I kidding luggage in general labels you. I think I found a new go to for abroad trips. Don’t get me wrong I have been a long time carry on only packer but carrying a rolling suitcase over cobblestones or upstairs is no fun. I can not wait ti give a full review of Tortuga backpacks once I use it on our next trip.

College Football starts tomorrow.

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