Fabulous Friday, XV

Fabulous Friday, XV


What a week! I have been taking a much needed social media break, so I have lost to share. Also, I kept sweet Em instead of working this week so that gives more to share than on a full work week.


We spent part of last weekend in ATL. We grabbed some yummy food. That green sauce from Cylantros was heavenly. As well as the Frozen Cow ice cream.


Em and I did all kinds of fun activities to close out summer. We started with a not so fun cavity dental appointment. But shortly after began some grand adventures. We had Kome for lunch. Her lunch request was yum yum sauce.


We also made slime. Look I thought I was going to have to call my mommy friends to see what we were doing wrong just finally it turned out ok. If you come to my house do not eat the slime that is in the pantry. She only cane play with it on the tiles floor in the kitchen away from the furniture. So I figured the pantry was the best place to store it.

We took one good nap but then skipped naps in favor of getting back on a good school routine. Oh naps how I miss you. We also got our nails done for first day of school, ordered pizza, and watched some TV. Mainly on Wednesday I just let her have too much screen time and let her brain go mushy because school time is upon us.


We made chocolate chip cookies and played Uno and Ticket to Ride. Em caught on surprisingly well with some help.  Did some Pilates. Wednesday also called for school prep. Packed lunches, school supplies and such.


I was lucky enough to be able to take her to school Thursday. Oh the previous days. After I got some major good cleaning done. I had cleaned the closet out in one of the guest rooms earlier last year but it had already accumulated crap so I did it again. Em’s room needs major work but she isn’t ready to get rid of some of the toys she is really too big for. She still plays with them though.

I have been researching for our upcoming trip. I am loving the Packmith blog. So many great packing tips.

I ordered some Birkenstocks and basically all I can say is what goes around comes around…again.

Beautycounter is having a sale which never happens, SOOO stock up today. You can shop my link here. Message me with any questions.


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