July/ August Powersheets

July/ August Powersheets

Umm, hello. Where is this year going? July flew by in a furry of celebrations, travel, work and craziness good and bad. My goals fell to the wayside mainly because I was not mindful and I left life distract and control me. Here is to a fresh start, always learning, always experimenting, and always trying.

July Positives:

  1. Celebrated 31.
  2. Visited Hunting Island.
  3. Read some good books.
  4. Got back to aerial yoga.
  5. Saw my vestie and got some baby snuggles.
  6. Finished Whole30.

August Goals:

  1. Plan for Greece trip.
  2. Mindful movement everyday.
  3. Try low carb.
  4. Do one good thing for myself a day. Examples, meditate, read fiction, rest, etc.
  5. Rest, quiet the noise.
  6. Reconnect and restore myself and feelings.
  7. Hydrate. It’s the little things that often add up to changes.
  8. Learn the ends and outs of my FitBit. I got a new phone and thus a new smart watch.

This short and sweet. Just feeling blah lately. Honestly, I wanted to write get my shit together and be done. Feeling off and crazy lately. Here is to the small steps hopefully adding up to big shifts and changes in a positive direction.

Happy August, loves!

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