Goals Update: June/July 2018

Goals Update: June/July 2018


Welcome, July! I love fresh starts and July is a double fresh start with the second half of 2018 beginning and a new year age wise for me.


June Positives: 

  1. Completed a Whole 30!
  2. Got our downstairs door fixed and upstairs door replaced.
  3. Enjoyed family time at the beach.
  4. New tires for my car and two for Ryan’s.
  5. Had my car professionally cleaned.
  6. Started using Evernote app.
  7. Celebrated Em’s Birthday.
  8. Read a few good books.


July Goals:

Spiritual Healing: Continue reading the chronological Bible plan.  Read Annie F Down’s 100 Days to Brave. There is an entire hashtag on instagram for it so you can follow along on everyone’s journey.

Physical Healing: Continue with mostly Whole30 eating. Add back in some physical exercise.

Emotional/Mental Healing: My monthly focus this month is ten minutes of mediation a day. I also have some associated books to read. Also limit mindless scrolling on Facebook and Insta. I took a small Facebook break last month for a few days and it was life-giving.

Ryan: A major adjustment going from Ryan being home with a broken foot to back to work. We do not have many off days together this month so time will be sacred. We need to be more intentional since the quantity will be decreased.

Family: Stay present and connected.

Financial Healing: Budgeting. No extra spending.  Also I would like to get our savings up to a certain point this month and continue to grow it from there. Had some set backs in June. New doors, tires etc so really need to buckle down now.

Friendships: I lover snail mail. Sending and receiving. If you want to be on my snail mail list then send me a message.

Life-Life Giving Home: Continue to work through decluttering, cleaning and making our space sacred and life-giving.

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