Fabulous Friday, XI

Fabulous Friday, XI

Phew what a week! And I can’t even claim it is almost over since I work the weekend.

Basically no life updates just been adding money to the bank account. Well I’ve actually ordered a few swim suits for the upcoming beach time.

My flowers are growing and the fireflies are out in full force. I love them.

I did acquire some mermaid hair this week. I love it!

I am on Whole30 Day 19 today! I am researching some recipes to try to make this weekend.

I am going to try thisĀ Power Bowl. I have never roasted kale. Side note unsure if I have ever eaten kale. I just do not know what to do with it besides add it to a smoothie.

These chicken veggie poppers caught my eye because they looked like sausage balls. Ha! but they seem like they might freeze and reheat well.

These potato toast are also at the top off my weekend prep list.

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