Fabulous Friday, X

Fabulous Friday, X

It’s finally Friday! Although we both work some of the weekend so it doesn’t much feel like a Friday.

Last weekend, I spent a lovely morning at Pepper Place before along afternoon nap thanks to Whole30 exhaustion. We had a lovely dinner with friends visiting from Tuscaloosa. Ryan grilled chicken and all the veggies.

Sunday we had Em’s birthday party. I managed to decorate the cake and attend the party with no icing taste.

Two owls were hanging around our yard last weekend. This picture is us standing on our porch taking photos.

Monday and Tuesday were full of work.

Wednesday I had a severe attitude problem and was not in a good mind space but thanks to a convo with a friend then some good baby snuggles and a meeting with my Whole30 coach I was on the up and up.

Thursday I visited Em and my family down in Prattville. That girl brings the sunshine to my days. I  managed a Whole30 meal out again. Mexican fajita salad no cheese, onions or shell. Add avocado and salsa. Major thinks to the waiter who brought me basically an entire avocado to put on my salad.

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