Goals Update: May/June 2018

Goals Update: May/June 2018

HELLO, June! Never have I been more excited for a new month, clean slate and fresh start. I have no idea what happened in May. I feel like it lasted forever in a way but was also completely gone in a flash. I felt like I got nothing accomplished. And for the most part that is completely true. But it was nice to look at my powersheets to be reminded of what I have accomplished. It was not much but I need to remember not to discredit what did get done even if most of my list did not get done.

I continued to schedule in time for things in my planner. It did not work well for May, well I did not work well. I might be late to this game because is this not what the Cultivate team teaches us…Schedule time for what you want to happen to happen. So this month I took my Simplified Planner and penciled in things I want to accomplish in June.

I could sit here and lament on and on about what did not happen in May but depressing and overwhelming. So I am going to chose to list out what did happen and then move right along to actions for June.

May Positives: 

  1. Attended the Beautycounter Leadership Summit. Had an amazing time meeting inspiring, like minded women and learned alot.
  2. Read some good books. I am in love with Jill Mansell books right now. Light-hearted romantic comedies where love and good win always. Doesn’t everyone need a little more of that.
  3. New air conditioner upstairs.
  4. Got the house cleaned to start June off with a clean slate.
  5. Celebrated the birthdays of three of the ones I love.
  6. Started Whole30.
  7. Started #100daystobravesummer.
  8. Hired a Whole30 coach to help hold me accountable on this journey.
  9. Cleaned off the back porch. It still needs some work.
  10. Mailed some thank you notes.
  11. Dropped off some donation items.
  12. Spent a weekend away in the mountains.
  13. Organized my Beautycounter stuff.
  14. Trashed some old makeup.
  15. Ordered a few things I needed and have been wanting to try (BranchBasics, Native).
  16. Spent time with Em during her last day of school.
  17. Attended The Brunch Series Tour.

June Goals:

Spiritual Healing: Continue reading the chronological Bible plan. I let this slip in May so it is back to a top priority. Read Annie F Down’s 100 Days to Brave. There is an entire hashtag on instagram for it so you can follow along on everyone’s journey.

Physical Healing: WHOLE30! That’s enough and my main focus. I did add 30 minutes a week of mindful movement to the list. It is not a ton but doable when also making fresh meals and having no sugar or cheese.

Emotional/Mental Healing: The Brunch Series tour was a game changer. I want to do a few things related to it. Work through the workbook. Build a daily list and maybe some journaling in Evernote. I am such a paper girl but I like the potential of this app. Read Girl Wash Your Face. I have started and so good already. It also aligns well with The Brunch Series info.

Ryan: A major adjustment going from Ryan being home with a broken foot to back to work. We do not have many off days together this month so time will be sacred. We need to be more intentional since the quantity will be decreased.

Family: Em and I will be spending some time at the end of the month with family and I can not wait.

Financial Healing: Budgeting. No extra spending. Whole30 is expensive enough. Also I would like to get our savings up to a certain point this month and continue to grow it from there.

Friendships: I lover snail mail. Sending and receiving. If you want to be on my snail mail list then send me a message.

Life-Life Giving Home: We got a new air conditioner upstairs but we need to get the doors replaced. We have them ready to go but having a hard time getting the contractor to show up to do the work. Also declutter the pantry and linen closet.

Beautycounter: I am feeling inspired and knowledgeable after Leadership Summit. But I need your help. The only way to get safer products into the hands of everyone is for everyone to be educated. How can you help? Tell your friends. Host a party to earn free and half off rewards. This will help spread Beautycounter’s mission and make a difference in the lives of everyone.

Blog: I have a few different post in the works that I need to focus on and ready for the digital world.

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