Fabulous Friday, IX

Fabulous Friday, IX


Happy June 1st! I can not believe we are moving into our sixth month of 2018. Check back tomorrow for my goals update post. We are about 100 days from our fifth year anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun.


This past weekend Ryan and I spent some relaxing time in Fort Payne and Chattanooga. We explored Rock City and some bakeries around Chattanooga. We visited the waterfalls surrounding Fort Payne. With all the rain Birmingham had lately, I was disappointed with the water flow of both. We ate at many of our favorites. We stayed with friends and had a picnic on Sunday before we headed out of town.


Monday I started Whole30! I also am doing Annie F Downs #100daystobravesummer. It began 5/28 and ends 9/24 which is how I know we are about 100 days out from our anniversary. I am hoping to use this as motivation and a reminder to stay on top of my game until then.


I was excited to get started with Whole30. I also am utilizing a Whole30 coach this time. I will update on how that goes. We met Tuesday to walk through the grocery store together.


Wednesday I attended The Brunch Series Tour with Danika Brysha. OMGEEEE if you do not follow her you should. It was a fabulous day learning so much with some beautiful, inspiring ladies. Life changing literally, so if the tour is coming to a city near you then go.


Thursday Ryan and I had a day off. We just hung out at home. Tried to get a few groceries but I felt like it was the day of failure. Nothing went quite right. Publix didn’t have some Whole30 items I was looking for and the Whole Foods which we don’t frequent often because you know the major competition to Amazon puts the money in our bank account. I will say it was a frustrating trip as all the bacon and ketchup/dressing seemed to be messed up. Like the cooler was empty. Luckily we found some bacon to top my loaded burger salad.

Happy Friday, Lovies!


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