Fabulous Friday, VIII

Fabulous Friday, VIII

img_2267This week has been dragging on. Maybe its working more or looking forward to the long weekend. I have been living on BTLs and the first harvest of summer fruits and tomatoes. So yummy!


I spent last Friday with Em at her end of school celebrations. I can not believe she is a third grader! She received an award for most improved reader and earned a water balloon to throw at the math teacher.

We also celebrated Teddy’s birthday with a dinner at Fancy’s. We also had birthday cake and breakup cookies for the two birthday loves.


Insert work work. We did have a tea party at work to celebrate Harry and Meghan

We celebrated Ryan’s birthday just the way he wanted to. Mexican for lunch. Researched our upcoming 5th anniversary trip. Watched The Last Jedi. Had hot sandwiches and brownies for dinner.

Insert more work work work.

I finished the latest season of Jane the Virgin this week. OMGeeee. So good. I know its corny and DRAMA but it is a fun escape.

Phew we made it to the weekend!!!! What are your long weekend plans? I plan to jump off social media for a heart recharge. Any good books I should read?


I am starting Whole30 on Monday. I am so excited and nervous. This will be my second round. I have had a few failed attempted between now and my first, but I am fulling committing to this one! What are your favorite Whole30 tips and tricks?



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