Goals Update: April 2018

Goals Update: April 2018

img_1828Goodbye, April? Does anyone else feel like April was here and gone in a flash? I feel somewhat bogged down and unaccomplished at the end of this month. Here is to hoping May feels better at the end. There was no big action step that was neglected to badly. I just feel a bit off. I am thankful for a visual way to tack my progress and for a fresh start or clean sheet every month.

img_1826For April I blocked off week five on the tending list  to help streamline my weekly to dos since this month is really just four weeks and 2 days. The past couple of months I had been having trouble figuring out what to do with the few days at the beginning and end of a month. My brain functions better one a Sunday to Saturday thought and scheduling process.

Last month I tried something new. I might be late to this game because is this not what the Cultivate team teaches us…Schedule time for what you want to happen to happen. So  I took my Simplified Planner and penciled in weekly accountability appointments, Three15 and aerial classes, house chores, and simplifying (purging) different areas of the house.



Spiritual Healing: Continuing chronological reading plan. While I was typing this I copy last month’s post and edit and update. It reminded me to add purchase journaling Bible to my tending list this month, which I am carrying over to May. I want one without see through thin pages.

May goals: Consistency. Grow this time.  Purchase new Bible.

Physical Healing: In April I used the Ride Up app to track my food. I enjoy using it. Unsure about May still. I feel like my body is craving a Whole30/Paleo stint. I am having a lot of hip pain that almost has brought me to tears a few times this month. It also interferes with my exercise. I feel like the barre portion of Three15 may aggravate it but I love that great cardio workout I get there. This month I want to find a balance between cardio a few times a week and Pilates or yoga.

May goals: Try changing up my nutrition? Continue physical activity. Less focus on the scale and more focus on continually putting in the work.


Emotional/Mental Healing: I got some great reading in this month. I read The Road Back to You about the enneagram. As well as tons of fictions book.

May goals: More meditation. Read The Sacred Enneagram and a good fiction book.  Any suggestions?


Ryan: It has been an adjustment going from  him being at home all the time to back to work. Our work schedules have no aligned as fluidly as we like.

May Goals: Date night. Focus on being intentional with our time together. Hopefully we can have a long weekend together.  

Family: Since this involves other people I am not going to give in depth details here but over-all, generalized updates on my end and perspective. But I do feel failing in this area so definitely something to think over.  How do I even begin to measure this?

May Goals: Continue to connect and make an effort with those I love.

Financial Healing: Budgeting. So tracking our spending on the one piece of paper from Emily Ley’s Simplified Home Based Binder did not work. We basically had to many transactions and they all got jumbled.

May Goals: Put X into savings. Track where every dollar goes. Use a folder, lined paper and Home Based Binder budgeting paper. Do you have a separate account to hold money for things like gifts and vacation? Things that you do not use every month but save for every month? I think it would help us to visualize better.


Friendships: Cultivate What Matters. Seriously though savoring the last few weeks with one of my best friends still in the same town. Spent some time in April with friends and it felt so good.

May Goals:  Savor and cherish. Visit another friend and her babies.


Life-Life Giving Home: Creating a fun, yet calming sanctuary is a main goal for 2018. Purging our stuff. Less stuff, clutter, mess equals clearer mind. I accomplished my closet, bedside table, dangling earrings, and  car in April. I totally skipped working on the basement, honestly there just was not enough time. We bought a new downstairs door and a new front door. I painted them so they are ready to be hung.

May Goals: Get doors hung, hang mirror in bathroom, buy new air conditioner (adulating is the worst but ours is on it’s last leg and we can not make it through another Alabama summer with ours).


Beautycounter: I chased after a great month in April to pay for my Leadership Summit. Thank you to all those of you that ordered and supported me. I appreciate it. I am proud of myself and can not wait to learn and meet new friends at the Leadership Summit later this week.

Blog: This month I reworked the format of my blog again. Let me know what you think.

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