Fabulous Friday, III

Fabulous Friday, III

We spent the end of last week in Disney. It was such fun to getaway and relax. We always have a blast together in Disney. Ill do a full blog post on our trip next week.

We returned home Monday finally after an early wake up then delayed flight. That afternoon we had scheduled a grocery pick up. One of the best decisions we ever made. Making getting settled back in easier. We also picked up sushi for dinner.

I used Tuesday to get the house back settled and celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays. Ryan jumped right back into work. I started cleaning out my closet and pulling weeds in the yard. The never ending forest of oak trees. Don’t be fooled the closet is mid clean out. I pulled all the clothes out to the spare bedroom. I’m going to shop from there for a few weeks and return stuff when I wear it then declutter some more!

Ryan had an othro appointment on Thursday. He goes back in two months and hopefully we will graduate to a six month follow up.

Friday was back at work. I found the cutest flamingo watering can for Em in the Target dollar spot. She loves to water the flowers.

I need to get my seeds and bulbs planted this week. It’s been upper 30s here at night so hopefully the last of the cold is over. I really want a long skinny flower through to put on our retaining wall. Our yard lacks full sun places. But Ryan reminded me when I had it in my hand at Home Depot we would have to move it when it was time to mow the yard.

I can’t wait for Cultivate What Matters Spring Product release next week!

AND Emily Ley’s planner cover reveal! All thE exciting things.

I have been reading more this month and it feels so much more filling than idly scrolling the webpages.

I am still on the hunt for a good journaling Bible. Hardback. Thicker pages and one column per page. White paper would be great. Any suggestions?

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