Fabulous Friday, II

Fabulous Friday, II

Happy Friday the 13! I can not believe how fast this year is flying by. And I am glad I’m not working today!

Em and I spent some time together this weekend, while Ryan worked. We grabbed dinner at the food trucks at the Summit after having a wild and crazy evening riding the escalator. Saturday we mostly laid on the couch and watched movies because I had a bug or something. Luckily it was raining and the perfect snuggly time. Mama came up to keep and on me and Em. I was feeling better and picked up a few extra hours Sunday #vacationmoney.

We watched New Girl the last season premiere on Tuesday. It was a bit of a jump forward and I hope they wrap up one of my favorite shows in a satisfactory manner.

Ryan made it through his first work stretch and a rather long one at that! He is managing well and I pray it continues that way. I imagine it will take months to years for his foot to not swell and bother him. I found him one night with our little lamb we got when we lost Riley Kate on his pillow. It always stays in the bed in between us unless one of us needs extra snuggles. It’s caught more of our tears than I can count.

Ryan and I have spent some relaxing time together towards the end of the week. If your head is spinning like mine was this week with all the thoughts and feelings and irrational worries and fears then put down the phone and pick up a book or snuggle with the ones you love. Sometimes letting Ryan know what’s in my head is hard for me (basically I don’t want him to think I’m bat sh** crazy). 😂 When I remember (umm am brave enough anyone else have that problem,just me?) and share my heart and thoughts with him, he always makes it better.

I read two books this week. Both part of The Campfire Series by Beth Merlin. Cute, easy reads that help me to relax and get out of my own head. A third one comes out in August.

I’m loving my new All Birds tree runners. They are comfy and I love what a great corporation they are.

Emily Ley’s ruthless decluttering challenge is this week. I’m so inspired by all of her post.

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