Fabulous Friday, I

Fabulous Friday, I

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I am going to try a new type of post. Every Friday I’ll have a post of things we did during the week and thoughts. A little life update so to say in particular for those that love us but are not close by. I thought about posting Wonderful Wednesday because Friday already has a lot of good going for it but honestly my brain just works better thinking week to week happenings on a Saturday-Friday schedule.

Lunch at Food Terminal

This past weekend we visited Ryan’s parents in ATL. While there we found a great deal on a new front door. We are back into the process of updating things around the house. We also visited the Burford Hwy area which is a mecca of international delights. We found some interesting things in the Farmer’s Market which is more of a grocery store than a traditional farmer’s market. We ate lunch at the Food Terminal. I also grabbed a bubble tea at another store.

Rose Gold Ears

Sunday we spent the day together. Doing some laundry and household cleaning. Mama came by for a minute and helped me with my Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears production. Rose gold is super trendy right now and honestly, when things get that trendy it tends to turn me away from my love. But when it comes to Disney and Rose Gold I can not say no.

Bubble Tea in ATL

Early in the week I worked and Ryan signed his new work agreement. Let’s all just give a Hallelujah and Amen and all the praise hands to that.


Since Ryan is going back at work, we finally purchased my laptop I have been saving for a few months. My original plan was Mac but after some persuasion from Ryan I went PC 2 in 1. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. While we were in the store my Apple Watch spontaneously cut off in rebellion and betrayal. I LOVE Mac products (some of you can roll your eyes at that). I love the streamline between my watch, phone and computer. But with dreams of Hawaii and Iceland and Disney in our hearts I stepped outside of what I really wanted for money savings and more adventures trumps a particular computer.

My first fiction read of the year. I flew through it in about 24 hours.

Ryan caught at nasty cold in ATL. I am hoping and praying I stay clear of it. So, I ran errands on Tuesday.  Returning a door since we found a better deal in ATL. We canceled the appointment for Ryan’s car for his window tint. He is priming it to sell so if you know anyone in the market. Prayers for a quick and favorable sell.  We had our favorite meal both Monday and Tuesday nights, breakfast burritos.

Buying uncooked tortillas and cooking them at home is a new, delicious favorite.

Wednesday I worked while Ryan rested at home. Of all the weeks he has been off work, he gets a cold this week. And let’s just call it like it is, he knows it too. He gets the Man Cold. We watched my new favorite show, Rise.

To-da! or To Done! List for those days when you need to remember all you did get to accomplish.

Thursday Ryan had his first work day since December 21!!! PRAISES! I squeezed in a workout which helped the major attitude problem I was having. Have you ever been upset over something trivial but can not shake the feeling? Like it totally will workout and does not matter but I was just in a funk and did not even want to be around myself. But something did not go as I though. Ha! I know its dumb. I worked part of a night shift, so I cleaned up the house some and read. Finishing my second fiction book in the past 48 hours.

I hope this was not to step-by-step or boring for you. I thought it would mainly be a nice way to keep those that love us in our loop more.

Easter Sunday
Three15 workout.

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