Goals Update: March 2018

Goals Update: March 2018

Phew! How are we 1/4 of the way finished with 2018?!? I can not believe it, yet that has been a great motivator to buckle down, refresh and refocus on what I want the end of 2018 to hold.

For April I blocked off week five on the tending list  to help streamline my weekly to dos since this month is really just four weeks and 2 days. The past couple of months I had been having trouble figuring out what to do with the few days at the beginning and end of a month. My brain functions better one a Sunday to Saturday thought and scheduling process.

This month I tried something new. I might be late to this game because is this not what the Cultivate team teaches us…Schedule time for what you want to happen to happen. So this month I took my Simplified Planner and penciled in weekly accountability appointments, Three15 and aerial classes, house task to complete before we have a few days away, and simplifying (purging) different areas of the house.

Spiritual Healing: Continuing chronological reading plan. While I was typing this I copy last month’s post and edit and update. It reminded me to add purchase journaling Bible to my tending list this month.

April goals: Consistency. Grow this time. Add music? Purchase new Bible.

Physical Healing: April will focus on nutrition. I have slacked off and let life get in the way. I researched some food tracking apps. I had been occasionally tracking my intact in the Notes app on my phone. I really want one that relies on just writing what you eat not tracking calories. I found the Rise Up app which I have enjoyed using so far. It has an easy export feature to share with a support group or look over yourself. My only wish was that it had a photo option.

April goals: Focus on nutrition. Continue physical activity. Less focus on the scale and more focus on continually putting in the work.

Emotional/Mental Healing: I got some great reading in this month. I finished The Circle Maker and The Life-Giving Home. I also read His Needs, Her Needs and Whisper.

March goals: More meditation. Read The Road Back to You and The Light We Lost. First things first on Tuesday get my library card updated. I rely heavily on the Hoopla app through my local library but it’s time to update my card so it won’t work until I get that done.

Ryan: We have some answers for now, to all the uncertainty in our lives last month. But we still do have this thing in our heart that we might want to do. It will shake up our lives significantly. Because it did not pan out recently does that mean not now or not ever?

April Goals: Date night. An extended weekend away together to the happiest place in earth. Because Ryan will be returning to work our quantity of time together will decrease (back to “normal”) so our focus on our quality of time will have to increase. For example, to me spending time watching tv does not qualify as time spend together or rather as fill me up well spent time together.

Family: Since this involves other people I am not going to give in depth details here but over-all, generalized updates on my end and perspective.But I do feel failing in this area so definitely something to think over.

April Goals: Continue to connect and make an effort with those I love.

Financial Healing: Budgeting. We did pretty good this month on spending. When we learned Ryan was indeed going to have a job in the Birmingham area I felt better (side note I also bought some goodies for our upcoming trip…), but I still want to save and control our spending. I am so insecure about money I am sure if we had $10000,000 in savings I still would feel insecure and unprepared.

April Goals: Put X into savings. Track where every dollar goes. I still have not found  good app for this so plain, old paper might be my winner.

Friendships: Only in the past year or slightly over have I felt like I finally hit my friend grove here in the area. Not to discredit prior friendships. But just those people that are in your same zip code ish that you can do life with. I want to continue to grow this area, especially as one of my best prepares to move this summer. The for sale sign in her yard still makes me want to cry despite knowing the entire time I have known her she would most likely move.

April Goals: Continue to forge strong friendships. Plan weekly friendship dates. Send snail mail. Any other ideas for ways to cultivate this?

Life-Life Giving Home: Creating a fun, yet calming sanctuary is a main goal for 2018. Purging our stuff. Less stuff, clutter, mess equals clearer mind. I accomplished my desk and some major basement work in March. I did not get around to my closet. The task just seems so daunting. What are your tips for starting and completing overwhelming task, which is the surest sign it’s an area than needs attention?

April Goals: Simplify my closet and continue to work on basement. Today I already did a rough tackling of my bedside drawer. Continue house updates. This month it will include some doors. Also, as much as we travel and love it I really struggle with having the house tidy when we get home. Obviously this started before we even leave the house. This is a main goal this month. Develop a list of task which completed before we leave home welcome us back into a collected, put together home and prepare us for the work week, rather than dumping suitcase full of dirty clothes, no food and quick turn around to work on ourselves. Side note: This is another area I want to research and improve and  a blog post I will share.

Beautycounter: I thought I was not going to be able to attend the Leadership Summit because of a family commitment  but it looks like I can. This is something I never dreamed I would be doing but trying to say yes and embrace being outside of my defined box for a full year. My goal in April is to make enough money to cover my flight, Summit registration, hotel, and other travel expenses. I have not come close other months so this will take faith and pushing myself.

Blog: This is something I do completely for fun, not to get famous or have everyone know all the things. But writing is healing and fun for me so I do it. I love looking back as sort of a virtual diary. This month I am adding weekly Friday life updates and thoughts post to really keep those close to us in-tune with our life.

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