A Weekend Escape to Beaufort, SC

A Weekend Escape to Beaufort, SC

This past weekend Ryan and I escaped for some relaxing time in the Lowcountry. The weather was a little chilly especially since when I was in Savannah just a week and a few days before it was a balmy 80 degrees. Since Ryan’s foot is still in a boot, we did not do anything major. Just relaxed, ate good food, spent some time driving around to different areas, and chased the sunsets.

My usual beach days start with beach sunrise walks. It really was colder than I expected this week so I did not walk much. Usually, I grab breakfast from Palm and Moon bagel to enjoy by the waterfront. It was closed this week for some constructions. I grabbed a biscuit at Common Grounds. The next mornings I just made my way back to bed for a nap before Ryan (the habitual late sleeper) woke up.

We grabbed lunch and then drove around, spent sometime on the beach or at the waterfront before dinner.  We tried a few new places while we were in town. Sea Eagle, Boundary Street Cafe, Bella Luna, The Upper Crust and Blackstone’s.

Sea Eagle was your generic seafood but the smell of the seafood market in the same building was too much. I prefer Shrimp Basket

Boundary Street Cafe was delicious and we will definitely go back. Ryan had the french toast. I had a panini with pimento cheese and bacon and a side of tomato soup. It reminded me of the tomato soup at Joe’s in Alabaster if you have ever been there. We split a She Crab Soup which has come closest to being similar to our favorite soup which from Panini’s on the Waterfront.

We also just ordered soup from Bella Luna. It was different. We couldn’t quite figure out how maybe added veggies?

The Upper Crust is a local pizza joint. We ordered it to go and enjoyed it at the park at sunset. We will eat there again. The upper crust pizza has an upper crust as well. It reminded me of a calzone. I want to try their Frogmore special which has shrimp and sausage on it.

Blackstone’s is located on a side street a few steps from Bay Street. They have breakfast and sandwiches. Ryan ordered the shrimp and grits, I had the crab cakes Benedict, and we shared a walnut cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll was sweet and soft. I particularly like the different nautical and school flags they used to decorate.

We also tried out Stellar Ice Cream on Lady’s Island. Yummy with interesting flavors such as ricotta honey.

We also saw a double feature at the HWY 21 Drive In Friday night. The line up could have not been more perfect. A Wrinkle in Time and Black Panther. Both phenomenal. We caught a little of Peter Rabbit before our movies started and it’s on my too watch list. We usually go to the cheaper theater in BHM that shows movies on a later timeline. Normally this is cost effective and perfectly fine with me. So this felt like a real treat.

We left later than we really planned on Sunday because Daylight Savings (oh how I loathe thee) and brunch at Blackstone’s took longer than anticipated.  The drive home which is about 6 hours and 20 minutes seemed to take forever! I had real re-entry dread/anxiety Sunday afternoon and evening. I took some time on the drive home to look at my calendar and intentionally plan some workouts and to do list time. I also made myself completely unpack which I have a bad habit of drawing it out. All that to say I am looking for some tips and tricks to make travel and the subsequent transition back into everyday life smoother. As much as we travel you think I would have this down but I do not. Any suggestions or tips?

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