Goals Update: February 2018

Goals Update: February 2018


Here is a look at my completed February Tending List and my new March one. Check back on the first Thursday of each month for a month review and a look ahead. Below I organized according to goals to make it easier to follow monthly. This month we need some prayer, good thoughts and love for some big things that I can not even mention right now. Keep us close please. img_0598

My completed February list. I tear it out every month to keep it in the front of my planned then tape it back in when I am done.

Spiritual Healing: I have done great with my chronological Bible reading plan, but slacked off during a weekend away.  I also am looking for a good Bible to journal in. I love the convenience of the app on my phone, but crave the sensation of touching a real page. I have a leather one but I do not love it. Its too floppy so to say. I thought I did not want a hard backed version but now I think I do. I ordered the She Reads Truth one but its thicker than I imagined and the pages are not as thick as I had hoped. Anyone know of one that the pages are thicker more like a real book?

March goals: Consistency despite location or schedule is something I want to improve on in March.

Aerial Yoga is something new I tried and loved this year. 

Physical Healing: I finished January with my own left ankle injury. For those that don’t know my husband is currently off work for three months because he broke his right before Christmas. All the physical fitness things were placed on hold the last of January because I injured my left ankle. I  blocked off the first week of February just to have some time to heal. It turned out to take much longer than I planned to heal. It still can be swollen and have a tinge of pain.

March goals: Focus on nutrition and slowly getting back into the grove of some physical activity.

Calm App. 

Emotional/Mental Healing: I have felt particularly anxious this month, when that happens it sometimes is hard for me to focus on reading. Thus this month is lacking in books completed. This month I read: part of The Life-giving Home, part of The Circle Maker and If  You Only Knew. I made it a goal to meditate everyday and I pretty much crushed it.

March goals: Finish The Circle Maker as well as The Life-giving Home. Also, I want to add in some fiction. Post any suggestions in the comments. Continue to see counselor on a more frequent bases. Continue to meditate. Remember try guided breathing when anxious.

Lunch date with Ryan at Pizzeria GM.

Ryan: The beginning of the month was some of the most difficult in terms of feeling connected to Ryan. We talked and adjusted and saw the fruits of those talkes make me feel better. The end of the month proved to be filled it uncertainty and big decisions and things out of our control. If you are the praying, good vibe sending type we could really use all the thoughts and prayers and love. We needs peace, guidance and understanding.

March Goals: Date night. An extended weekend away together. Pray, discuss the big thing.


Family: Since this involves other people I am not going to give in depth details here but over-all, generalized updates on my end and perspective.

March Goals: Continue to connect and make an effort with those I love.

Financial Healing: Budgeting. So because of things that I am just not prepared to share with the world, hard core spending control is on starting now.

March Goals: Make a budget and stick to it. No extra spending. Meal plan and reduce waste better. Good bye computer that I worked so hard to save up for.

Friendships: One of my main prayers during 2016 was good, strong friendships. I have been blessed with quite a few literal answered prayers and I want to continue to put in the work and effort to maintain those relationships. I made a point to text friends at least once a week this month, call them, hang out in person or send cards/care packages.

March Goals: Continue to forge strong friendships. Plan weekly friendship dates. Send snail mail.

Guest Bathroom before. 
Guest bathroom after. 
Master Drawer after. 
Trash and give away from bathrooms. 

Life-Life Giving Home: One of my main goals this year is to create a life giving home, which has many facets but the main one I want to focus the first few months on is simplifying. It will be easier to clean when there is less stuff to clean. In February, I focused on the guest and master bathrooms.

March Goals: Simplify my closet and my desk. Both overwhelming task but start small and work on a bite at a time not the whole elephant. Also I think I have some Lilly Pulitzer to sale, check out my Instagram if your interested.  See A Wrinkle in Time.


Beautycounter: One of my February goals was to have my best month ever. I did not not, but I still gave myself the progress bar because I went after it and put in good work and effort.

Follow Popup for my blog. 

Blog: This is something I do completely for fun, not to get famous or have everyone know all the things. But writing is healing and fun for me so I do it. I love looking back as sort of a virtual diary. I still want it to look nice so I spent some time last month improving the looks and adding my Instagram feed as well as a follow popup.

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