Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos

I love a yummy, quick meal. This one is easy enough to throw together on a work night. A few simple ingredients assembled into delicious food.This is not a recipe even just an idea for you.  I mean at just over 100 words it barely counts as a blog post. But I can not tell you the number of times we make these. One of our favorite post long work day dinners these can be made in no time flat.

Tortillas. Re-fried beans. Hash browns. Eggs. Usually I just keep it that simple, but you can add sausage or bacon. I love Cascadian Farms hash browns because the ingredient list is potatoes, the end. If I have it I like to cook them in avocado oil.  Sometimes I add cheese, Mexican cream or salsa. You can even get fancy and add veggies but I enjoy the simplest version, most of the time I don’t add meat or cheese.

They can be customized to fit your families different taste. Ryan just likes egg, sausage and cheese on his. Simple and tasty meals are the best meals.

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