Better Beauty Bag: Prenatal Vitamins

I have been taking Rainbow Light’s prenatal vitamins for a while now. I wanted ones that was made with whole ingreidents as a vitamin source.I hate that things like this are not well regulated and you can read stories of third party testers destroying vitamin brands with their test. So far I like these. I can’t say that I cans see any physical difference taking them but I am trusting they are doing their work.

Also, no, I am not pregnant. We are not trying to get pregnant right now. That being said I am a firm believer than every woman of child bearing age/capabilities should take a prenatal vitamin. Or at least one with appropriate folic acid unless you are 120% sure you wont get pregnant and there are only a few ways to know 120% that you wont get pregnant.  Which vitamins do you take and why would you recommend them?

I'd Love to hear your thoughts

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