Loving Lately: January 29, 2018

Loving Lately: January 29, 2018

Loren Hope Jamie Necklace in Rose Gold

I do NOT need another water bottle but this Succulent print gives me all the heart eyes.

Elton John is coming to BHM for his farewell tour and I kinda really want to go.

Spring Candy is the best candy season. I like these Lifesaver Gummy Bunnies. I loved them when the formula was different a few years ago and they were pastel colors. Any one remember those?

I feel like elderberry syrup is a new thing this year. Although I am sure it is not. I ordered the Honey Gardens brand. I can not wait to try it, I will update you on my thoughts. What else do you use to keep the sickies away?

This Greek Avocado Chicken Salad from Creme de la Crumb looks like the perfect salad for a Spring picnic.

Highland Gourmet Scones was at Pepperplace this past weekend and I am in love. You know I am all about the local, small businesses. I had the Hazelnut Creme Chocolate Chip so far. I can not wait  to have some Afternoon Tea times featuring these scrumptious scones.

Let me get this straight I love nothing about the Larry Nassar case, except that these women are getting to speak out, be heard and cared for finally. I am sure they are living in a living hell right now.  I pray this brings justice, closure, the strength for others to stand up and tell their story. But most of all I pray these brings light to a hard, hushed sweep it under the rug part of society and our children wake up to a brighter, better, safer tomorrow.

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