Better Beauty: Countermatch Adaptive Lotion

Countermatch Adaptive Lotion uses Bio-Mimic technology to give your skin exactly what it needs. My sister and I both use this as do many of my clients. My sister says she feels like it has cleared up her acne scares. My cousin also uses this and raves about it. We are in the thick of winter. Drier air, heat usage, and wind contribute to dry skin in the winter. This is the perfect match for that. I have been using this a few months and I love it. My sister has too and feels it has erased her acne scars. To use apply to clean skin in the morning. Also if you have ever thought about joining me on this Beautycounter journey then you can get this lotion for free when you sign up for a limited time only.

If you are local to the Birmingham area, let me know if you would like to try the products before you purchase. I can drop off samples or full sized products for you to try for two nights. If you shop please use my Beautycounter Link. Or simply search my name Anna Kate Stalker in the Find a Consultant area.

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