Loving Lately: National Champions!

Loving Lately: National Champions!

Last week my Alma mater won their 17th National Championship. Now I know this post is not for everyone and may give some people a bad taste but I never trash talk and I hardly every gloat. I am just trying to relish and savor the victory as I would expect if your team won.

I adore the Kings of Confetti shirt. I am not one to order specific game shirts  but I did order this one.

I look forward to Jermaine Funnymaine Johnson‘s weekly videos he posts to Facebook. Ryan and I plan to go to one of his shows soon.

Nick Saban’s reaction and post game interview also made me so happy.

The videos of the fans singing on the Strip in Tuscaloosa. Ahh! So warm and fuzzy feeling!

I love Jalen, I think he should be regarded for helping to get Alabama to the Title Game. The way he handled being benched last Monday night, praise-worthy.

TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA! You can’t have Alabama Football without Eli Gold calling the games.

I know the trophy is no longer a crystal football, but man this Waterford Crystal is pretty!

I like these photographs of the stadiums during games. But really where would you put them? I have one from my college days and that’s plenty. But I do like them.

This Roll Tide shirt is possibly my most favorite ever. But it’s also the one I promptly peeled from my body at halftime during the game.

Last but not least…we didn’t exactly “rammer jammer” them for sure but victory is still sweet.

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