Year 30 came in the flash of an eye. I somewhat meant to hammer out a 30×30 list but life got hard and busy and I did not do it. But this year while on our 30th birthday celebration trip my cousin twin- I am seven weeks older than her and we have spent the past thirty years jointly celebrating our summer birthday- we came up with the idea to split a 31×31 list. . 31 things by our 31st birthdays. A shared 31st bucket list (15 each and one shared). We have until August 24, 2018 to complete. I am excited to accomplish some of these things and hold myself accountable by updating the world.

  1. Anna Kate’s List-Have $—— in savings.
  2. See a show or at least book a show at the Ryman. Read Looking for Lovely by Annie F Downs and you will want to see a show at the Mother Church too.
  3. Complete another Whole30.
  4. Read at least 12 books. Any recommendations?
  5. Visit Seattle. One of my besties and truly an answered prayer lives there now.
  6. Take a flower arranging class. Does anyone know anywhere in the Birmingham area I can do this?
  7. Start on a family tree book. I literally have been thinking of this for years.
  8. Document one good thing I did for myself daily. I have already listed 1-365 in the front of my new journal. So far I’m all caught up.
  9. Get a recipe box together and have everyone hand write their recipes on cards. In the market for a good cute possibly vintage recipe box.
  10. Have afternoon tea somewhere fancy.
  11. Learn how to braid my hair someway.
  12. Be brave enough to get pregnant or brave enough to decide not to, finally officially. Yep, almost one year later I still am stuck. I still don’t know if I can be brave enough, good enough, strong enough to get pregnant again. And that my friends would be the easy part. It’s the anxiety and fear that comes after that paralyzes me and holds me back from my heart’s biggest, deepest desires. But desires can change and that’s ok, so maybe adventures surrounded by my adult children and their loves and their babies is not my strongest desire after all.  Maybe that is not what success and a full life look like towards the end.
  13. Try selling my new mama breast milk making cookies. I make these all the time for friends and would love to build a small size hustle with them.
  14. Refinish the fireplace. At least start purchasing the panels. On the to do list for year and it keeps getting pushed back. Ridiculous.
  15. Shared goal-Book/plan/set in stone Iceland trip. Iceland is one of my favorites. It’s different and magical. Perhaps it means so much to me because this is truly where Ryan and I fell in love with traveling the world.
  16. Alyssa’s List– read at least a book a month.
  17. Learn how to really use my camera.
  18. Run a half marathon.
  19. Get back into exercise regimen.
  20. Healthy eating.
  21. Develop eye make up skills.
  22. Visit Hunting Island. (hmmm maybe this should be a joint one too. 😉)
  23. Visit a National Park.
  24. Begin checking off all of NC State Parks.
  25. Visit a new state.
  26. Finish the addition.
  27. Date night with Ian every two weeks.
  28. Bring the pontoon boat down to Lake Jordan for the summer.
  29. Learn to bake bread.
  30. More camping trips.

I will keep y’all updated on my progress. I am excited to get some of these things started, I fear I wont be able to do them all but hopefully so!

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