Better Beauty Bag: Water

Better Beauty Bag: Water

One of my favorite instant pick me ups beauty wise is WATER! It is no secret how good for you water is.

I still struggle with this daily but it’s magnified in the winter (something about it being cold!) and when we travel (no one likes a ton of bathroom stops). My aim is 100 ounces daily. I usually fall short but I keep trying. I am not going to sit here and preach the benefits to water to you. If you don’t know, google it. I am just here to encourage you to drink up. Try a straw that gets me to drink more for some reason. Just be sure to use a reusable one to help our environment.

Drink up, friends! You can go it! I challenge you to take a face selfie. Drink your recommended intake of water( 8-8 ounces glasses or more people lean toward the half your body weight in ounces)  for 5 days straight then take another selfie and compare the differences. I think you will be able to tell. Cheers!

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