Loving Lately: Christmas Wish List

Loving Lately: Christmas Wish List

What’s on my Christmas wish list. We had decided to try to scale down the gift giving this year but it hasn’t work as well as we liked. Truth be told I feel like it’s extremely materialistic at times but I also love buying gifts for people I love. But here are somethings I wouldn’t mind finding under the tree or maybe placing under the tree.

A trip to Hunting Island this winter. Can we leave tomorrow?

Plane tickets to see my two favorite girls living outside of Seattle now.

You Gotta Regatta Skort

I have been wanting an Orca cooler for some time. Seafoam of course.

Hint water mix ups. Water for Christmas…I know but something I want. And I am a huge fan of consumable, usable gifts. I’m in a major we are about to throw out all the crap in our House mood.

A longer iPhone charger. I had one but it broke. I feel like the cheap ones can sometimes mess up your charge port on your phone, so investing in an Apple one. Maybe an extra Apple Watch Charger too.

A nice Apple Watch Band. Like to wear with dresses or fancier outfits. Any good suggestions?

Blue Lilly Sunnies

A long, loose fitting red/crimson workout tank. This one from Athleta is cute. But maybe a truer crimson. Any good suggestions?

Thrive Market, Trader Joe’s, Sprout gift cards in prep for my upcoming Whole30.

If you have Littles that will be getting gifts from us I have decided to be the lame aunt. I’m starting their Christmas ornament collection and donating to their saving fund. Why spend my $10-15 on crap that will just break or be tossed out soon. I’d rather do something they will appreciate one day once it all adds up and they are older. Please if we ever have children return the favor.

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