Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Loves, here we are the first big event in a season of love, celebration and gathering your people. A season that can amplify the empty arms and longing in your heart. Whether you are still waiting on your miracle babe or your in the grief of losing your baby (no matter if it’s been days, months or year ago) or you are aching for your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparents, family and friends.

When the holidays don’t look like you thought they would this year. Give yourself permission to grieve, be sad this holiday season. But I pray that you are also able to find the joy that the season brings. My hope and dream is that you are able at times this season to forget your pain if only for a moment. And when you crash back into the reality of your empty arms and broken heart that you do not feel guilty for “forgetting” for one instant.

Cling to the ones you love a little harder this year. I pray that your people give you space to mourn and grieve. I hope they meet you this holiday season with compassion and understanding. With hearts that love you and have no expectations or judgement for your heart and your grief. Because grief has no timeline. I pray the ones you love and surround yourself this season illuminate your darkness instead of making the darkness deeper and lonelier.

I give you permission to break away from the traditions and the people that do not help your heart and soul. But I encourage you to not retreat inward and lock the world out. I give you permission to try new things whether it is just acting as a distraction or helping to soothe your heart. This year for us it looks like dinner together last night at a semi fancy place with a bottle of wine, stealing a few moments this morning for doughnuts, fancy dinner left overs and parade watching before hitting the road. We are still figuring out Christmas and the in between time but we already have plans for a different location with the ones we love. And big plans to give and love this season. Because nothing makes me feel better than giving to others.

We (you and me) are stronger than we ever imagined our souls to be. Now I know it can be hella hard and frustrating to handle the hard things just because we are able to doesn’t make it any easier. But we are braver and more courageous than we ever dreamed possible. Keep fighting, keep trying. Because you are worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday Season! Cuddle up and enjoy the day. So thankful for my community and a safe place to share my heart. 💗

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