Loving Lately: November 6, 2017

Loving Lately: November 6, 2017

Don’t pray for ease, pray for endurance.

The good life always requires good bit of endurance. The only way to the best life is endurance through the hard things.

And this is true: Endurance does more than bear hard things — it turns them into good things. There is no other way to keep enduring.

Pouring out your heart — is what will actually hold your heart together.

Pouring out your life — is what will elevate your life.

Rotting places — can be places of streams of living water

Ann Voskamp

Oh my soul, Ann Voskamp your words have a soothing melody. Her are a few lines from a recent blog post by Ann Voskamp that stopped me in my tracks.  Gulp. Ok God I hear you.

I might not ever use these but I love these Christmas tree placecards. Maybe I could use them to label food rather than Seats?

Hand and Hearth with Magnolia is here. I love these shelves.

The more I played with Beautycounter’s Illuminating trio on people this past week the more I fell in love with them.

Ashley of The Shine Project and her husband lost their two adoptive children earlier this year. She wrote a wonderful blog post on strengthening marriages in times of grief and crisis. Of course it hit close to home as in the early days of losing Squirt this year I wondered how I would survive and if I did how would my marriage. Not because of anything Ryan did or did not do but just because when you can not find your own self then its so hard to keep your relationships with anyone else in tact.

Paula Deen has some Pack It Up and Go recipes. Nothing revolutionary but always love some new easy ideas.

I can not wait to get some Blue Bell Christmas Cookies ice cream in my belly.

We use all glass containers but I love the design of this Rubbermaid Salad container.

Pretty excited for Disney’s new Lion King and that all star cast.

I am about three episodes behind in Outlander and it is so hard not to watch them all right now.

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