Loving Lately Football Edition

Loving Lately Football Edition

“Explaining the myriad delights of a football Saturday in the South to anyone who has not enjoyed them may be impossible – like trying to describe the ocean to a blind man.”- Tim Heaton

In honor of attending the SEC home opener this past weekend, here are some favorite football products.

I think this Roll Tide shirt is the cutest.

I purchased this Shop Ashley LeMieux Perfect Tee in Nashville last weekend. Its the perfect shade of crimson.

Classic crimson and white shakers will always have a place in my heart but I love this Shimmer Shaker too. PS: Yes they are called shakers not pom-poms around here.

Saturdays are for dressing in your in your finest not matter how hot it is. These Kendra Scott earrings are available in a perfect crimson, grey or pretty pearl.

Natalie Chang Studio has all kinds of cute cups and napkins for your tailgate and parties.

I love wooden utensils but these football ones are especially cute.

Lipsense has a pretty crimson and last through then entire day tailgating. If you are not a Roll Tide girl there are plenty of other options.

Admittedly I have been to Gallettes more times as an alumni than and undergrad. All that Greek life was intimidating not to mention I don’t care for it with one atom in my body. But stopping by with people I love dearly post grad and people watch proves to be fun. Here is a supposed similar version of there signature Yellowhammer cocktail. I’m guessing its right on track.

These sausage crescent roll ups are a tailgating go to.

My surprise inside brownies are another family tailgate favorite.

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