Loving Lately September 18, 2017

Loving Lately September 18, 2017


I received this beautiful Made by Mary necklace in the mail Wednesday. I have no idea who sent it. If it was you please let me know.

Love & Loss rings by Lisa Leonard. I bought myself these rings in honor of Squirt. The stone one I ordered with a sapphire. September’s birth stone, she after all is my September Baby. Ryan and I also have a special love of sapphires. He gave me a sapphire ring for my birthday when we were dating, His wedding band has a sapphire in it, and he gave me sapphire earrings for our first anniversary.

Now that it has cooled down here (at least for the moment) I am loving all the Fall feels, soups, pumpkin candles, boot, and cozy sweatshirts. I am such a summer girl sometimes it’s hard not to mourn summer’s end, but lately I am trying to do a better job celebrating the beginning of a new season. I made a chili last week based loosely off this Whole30 friendly recipe.

If you want a good cry watch this clip from the Auburn/Clemson game. Also watch the other video of his touchdown in the article.

We are late to the New Girl train but four seasons in and I am in love. I love that Ryan enjoys it too so we can watch it together.

I love Whole30 approved Nutpods. The have a new flavor Pumpkin Spice which I am trying to figure out how I could use them since I do not drink coffee.

A new laptop is on my savings/wish list. When I do get one I want a tropical leaf skin for it.

This Grub Paper is cute for upping your tailgate/party game.

Glennon Doyle Melton says it best, “First the pain, then the rising.”  That quote is  immediately what comes to mind when we have disasters and then watch the love flow from people’s hearts regardless of race, religion, and other social barriers. You can watch her on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

I love the feel good stories that come in the midst of disasters. This story of a boy paying for lunch warms my heart.

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