Books are Better Bought Locally

Books are Better Bought Locally

When you read a great book, you don’t escape life, you plunge deeper into it.   ~Julian Barnes

From holding a job for a few hours a week during college to working a full-time job and flexi job for six years to now working a part time job and a flexi job I have worked hard to earn my money, and I want to give it to people that work hard and deserve it. I am not saying that large corporations do not employ mommies and daddies and sons and daughters that do not work hard. In fact three large corporations pay our bills. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to work there and bring home a pay check. But I want to put my money where my heart is.

Could I stretch my money further by shopping at the cheaper prices corporate stores? Sure. But I firmly believe my money is more valuable at a local, independent store because the money is going directly to the dream chasers. I want to put my money into the pockets of the people that do a happy dance when they make a sale. Because the owner/dreamed/creator on any given day could be the one taking my money in exchange for beautiful goods. I passionately support farmers, creators, doers, and dreamers at local Farmer’s Markets and I want to infuse that practice deeper and further into my life.

When you shop locally not only are you supporting the store owner but you are keeping more money in your community because they employ members of your community as well. Shopping local provides us with something that is slipping or has slipped away from us already. Connection and relationships. Chatting with the employees when you go to browse or purchase a book or when you call to check their inventory, despite our current culture’s belief, irreplaceable. When you make a purchase at a local stores ask them to give you a sticker or stamp the inside of your book so you can easily remember where you purchased the book. This is especially meaningful if it’s a gift or you are on vacation.

I am guilty of ordering most of my books off Amazon in order to save some dollars and have it delivered to my doorstep before I can make it to the store. Are you?  But no more. I am committing to supporting local bookstores from now on.

So join me, please? The big corporations or saving a buck does not get to dictate what is valuable and important, we do. Also, for now I have not been able to decide how to solve electronic (aka Kindle) editions on books problem. These may have to be purchased through large retailers, but I love the physical book in my hands some days. If you have any ideas on how to support local, independent book stores using electronic readers please contact me.

You can use Indie Bookstore Finder to look up local independent bookstores.

Some of my favorites are:

Little Professor Book Center located in Homewood, AL.

Parnassus Books located in Nashville, TN.

Nevermore Books located in Beaufort, SC.

McIntosh Book Shoppe located in Beaufort, SC.

Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar located in Asheville, NC.

Malaprop’s Bookstore located in Ashville, NC.

Emerald Isle Books and Toys  located in Emerald Isle, NC.

Shakespeare and Company located in Paris, France.

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