Loving Lately Travel Essentials

Loving Lately Travel Essentials

In preparation for our upcoming trip, I thought I would share my favorite travel items.

Packing Cubes they are magical.

Amika Dry Shampoo This my favorite dry shampoo. I do wish they made a dark version. But it smells fabulous and works great. It is pricey but I will splurge on it every now and then. Especially when we have a trip coming up and you need good hair. I love it!

Athleta Wrap Soft, comfortable, cuddly and warm. A perfect travel piece.

Organic essential oil wipes Individually wrapped for convenient travel. Good for sticky hands, skin refreshers, airplane surfaces.

Disposable compact wipes You just need a drop of water to expand them. Some brands come with a travel tub. We used these all over Italy. Sticky hands, sweaty faces, or bathrooms without proper essentials.

 Lo and Sons OMG bag Tons of pockets. Fits under the airplane seats and my favorite it slips on the handle of a rolling suit case.

Coconut oil I love this one. Travel size approved and fair trade. There are cheaper ones out there though. Works great as a moisturizer or make up remover. I use it to remove my make up even water proof makeup.

Travel pillow This one is bulkier than others but I love that it can work so many different ways. It also has a snap to attach it to a bag easily.

The two possibly weirdest things I travel with, because you never know when a good picnic will unfold. Also we picnic a ton of meals in foreign countries. One it’s my absolute favorite and two it’s cheap.

Small cutting board This made it on my carry on to Paris. No issues with security.

Knife with cover Obviously this goes in your checked bag. Ryan usually checks his thankfully and I usually carry on all my stuff. We typically pick these up cheaply at TJMax, Homegoods or a similar store. If you have to throw them away then no big deal, but we have never had a problem with it in our checked bag. I also use these in my lunch box.

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