The Barefoot Mermaid’s Guide to Hunting Island, South Carolina

The Barefoot Mermaid’s Guide to Hunting Island, South Carolina


While writing my travel guide for Beaufort I decided Hunting Island needed and deserved its own post. 


Where to Stay:

Fortunately and unfortunately there is only one state operated cabin left on the island. It is expensive and booked solid months in advanced. If you have the money and get lucky enough to snag a reservation I can not recommend it enough, especially if camping is not your thing. One day I hope I am luckily enough to bring  my babies to this island and even stay on the island in a cabin. There are so many levels of hopes and dreams in that one sentence.

Camping is another option. One that many flock to by the millions. Hurricane Matthew brought destruction to the island and it’s campsites last year but they should be up and running soon.

If neither of these options work out for you, I highly recommend hotels in Beaufort, AirBnB rentals, VRBO rentals, or other area rentals on the surrounding islands. Hunting Island to me is even worth a day trip from Savannah or Charleston.


Things To Do:

Climb the lighthouse.

Stroll the shores.

Hike on a nature trail.


Hammock in one of the forest areas.


Make a drizzle castle.

Simple be. Take it in there is not any other place in the world similar to this.


Look for shells.

Visit the camp store.

Visit the Nature Center and pier.


Savor a coastal sunrise and survey the beach for turtle tracks. This is one of my favorite activities. Its peaceful and beautiful. Walking on the beach alone in the dawn light is one of my thin places. I feel most connected with God and nature on these shores, particularly in the morning light

Watch sunset from the Boardwalk.

Geocaching. We have never done this but I am interested to try.


Capture unique family photographs.

Walk from South Beach to the Lighthouse and stop in the gift shop for ice cream or a drink. There are plenty of signs once inside the park to direct you to these locations.

Kayak the lagoon, ocean or access marsh creeks behind the island the using Russ Point Landing. Rentals are not offered by the State Park but Barefoot Bubba’s on Harbor Island does.

Always be on the look out for local shrimp boats and dolphins while strolling the shores.



There are no restaurants located on Hunting Island. You can picnic.

The camp store and Lighthouse gift shop both offer small snacks and drinks but you could not make a sustainable, full meal from items purchased here.

Shrimp Shack is a local favorite and located about 4 miles from Hunting Island.

Johnson’s Creek Tavern is located on Harbor Island just over Johnson’s Creek.

Foolish Frog is located about 12 miles from Hunting Island in Frogmore, SC.

Bella Luna is across from the Foolish Frog.

Lowcountry Store is also located in Frogmore. They have cute items and some food.


You can also refer to my Beaufort guide for other eats located further out from Hunting Island.

There are also restaurants located on Fripp Island but I believe (could be totally wrong) you have to have a Fripp Islans amenities card to eat at them.


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