Loving Lately Whole30 Edition

Loving Lately Whole30 Edition

I first did a Whole30 in February 2016. Since then I have done many mini sessions and I am hoping to do another full 30 days soon. I thought I would share some of my personal Whole30 approved products, recipes and some Life after Whole30 products.

Primal Kitchen Mayo is a nice convenient commercially available mayo. Sometimes I use this but a majority of the time I make my own. It is easy using an immersion blender. Here is a good instructional post.  The sauce possibilities are endless. Add hot sauce for a spicy mayo. Add ketchup, ginger juice and coconut aminos for a shrimp/Asian Sauce. Add pure horseradish for a kick.

Tessemae’s Ketchup is another easy favorite. There are recipes online for homemade versions but I have never tried it myself. It seems easy and I should.

Nutpods are great creamer substitute. Since I do not drink coffee I will add them to soups or to smoothies.

Whole 30 Bacon is a staple. Pederson Farms makes a compliant version just as delicious as bacon with sugar. They also make convenient fully cooked snack packs.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I add this to my smoothies when I am not doing Whole30. I still am trying to find ways to work it into my diet. I tried it in hot tea and it worked well.

Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos. I love this. Such a good seasoning sauce, meant to be a soy sauce replacement but it works well on just about everything. I am addicted.

Pecan Butter is a nice alternative to almond butter. I love it with some apples for an easy snack.

I enjoy adding Coconut Butter to my sweet potatoes.

Epic bars and bites make an excellent emergency food that is easily portable.

I love Steve’s Paleo Goods dried fruit. Perfect for recipes and occasionally I will make a mix of nuts, fruit and Epic bites for an on the go pack.

Siete Foods Tortillas. The ingredients are approved but the concept is not. So this is a prefect #lifeafterwhole30 product.

I am in love with this Sausage Breakfast Skillet by Paleo Bailey. It also inspired my Mexican Breakfast Hash recipe.

Whole Sister’s Dump Ranch. I have tried some of the commercially available ranch but non compare to this version. Use fresh herbs if you are able.

Thrive Market is my favorite website for buying some of these items.



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