Loving Lately Clean Beauty Edition

Loving Lately Clean Beauty Edition

Slowly but surely I have been researching and investing in some cleaner beauty products. Here are some that I love. 

Primally Pure Sensitive Deodorant. It works really. We spent some hot, sweaty days at the beach recently and it neutralized body odor. Em even did sniff checks for me and we all know how honest kids are. It is not an antiperspirant but I feel your body was designed to sweat for a reason so why stop it. I am a convert and will be using this clean version for the foreseeable future.  Lavender and Tea Tree are my favorite scents.

Primally Pure Everything Spray. The website instructs you to spray it on as a facial toner, inflamed skin soother, prevention of ingrown hairs. I got this in the Starter Kit Bundle I ordered. I probably would not have ordered it on its own. I will be ordering the bigger bottle for myself. I used it this week on some chafing at the beach. It did soothe my skin and make it feel so much better. My only complaint is that it smells strongly of vinegar but it only last a few seconds.

Beautycounter’s Tint Skin Foundation. I wear the Linen shade. It is lightweight, just enough coverage. It reminds me more of a BB or CC cream in terms of heaviness rather than a regular foundation. The website states you can use different brushes to build coverage but honestly (cringe all the beauty experts) mostly I use my fingers.

Beautycounter’s Color Pinch Cream Blush. I think I have posted about this in another Loving Lately, but I love this! I wear the Caramel color. It goes on creamy and smooth. Its build-able and to me looks more natural than a powder blush.

Beautycounter’s Color Shade Eye Duo. I have NOT tried this product yet but it is next on my purchase list. I want a small eye shadow for my portable makeup bag. I am currently working on purchasing double of some of the essential products to put in a make up bag that can be thrown in my gym bag, work bag, or for a quick weekend away. I plan on getting the Shell/Malt color because it reminds me of Clinique Strawberry Fudge which I love.

W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick. I do wish they made this sticks thinner, in fact I think the used to. But they still contain clean and organic ingredients and go on smooth.

W3ll People Bio Bronzer Stick.

Nureveal Organics Young Coconut Scrub. Love this stuff. It is very moisturizing.

Primally Pure Body Butter I am in love with these. Hoping to collect all the scents.

Thistle Farms Bath Soaks. I received this as a gift from my in laws for my birthday. They smell good but even better the company employees women overcoming human trafficking, addiction and prostitution in Nashville, TN. I love supporting local companies but even better local companies with a cause such as this. 


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