Loving Lately 

Loving Lately 

We discovered this Pimento Cheese in Nashville last October.  My sister recently picked us up some biscuits and gougeres.

I made this Strawberry Balsamic Jam to go on the pimento Cheese biscuits for dinner last night. Basically it was raining and I did not want to leave the house. I modified this recipe and will post what I actually did this week. 

I’m currently reading At Home in the World and I can not drink it in fast enough. As if I needed more wanderlust in floating in my body. Kids or no kids. Love of traveling or not. This book is an excellent read.

I’ve had this Foam roller for about three days now. I’m in love.

The Balanced Life has some great stretches to use the roller. I also love all of her videos.

I have this Restore Tee in all three colors. It’s flattering, soft and I love the longer length. I wore them all in Paris. Sadly it looks like the striped is sold out. But the pink and white go with everything too.

I love this Lace Nike shoes. Now which color should I get?

I’m starting Whole30 Wednesday May 3. So I better get to loving it. Last night I wrote down all my reasons why so I could refer to them when I wanted to quit. Be on the look out for my favorite recipes and hacks over the next several weeks.

Last night I sat down to look at the month ahead and work on my Powersheets. Lara Casey does a wonderful job creating a tool to help keep your goals on track and life intentional. They have some nondated 6 month versions available and should soon release the 2018 versions.

It’s Fried okra season at Saw’s if you are in the Birmingham area I recommend grabbing some!

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