Loving Lately 

Loving Lately 

Pineapple Sweatshirt enough said. I am currently wearing this.

I am so excited for this Present Over Perfect Bible Study to begin.

Plan to Eat this great website let’s you import recipes from the web or upload them on your own. You can also share recipes with your friends. Even better you can like your friend’s recipes then they automatically appear in your profile. It also have a meal planning calendar which allows you to drag and drop meals or imput notes or other memory triggers if you don’t plan on using a full recipe. I’ve already started my plan for Whole30 next week. The website will also generate a shopping list for you. 🙌🏻

I actually saw these Paperblank journals in the gift shop at Notre Dame. I can not wait to order mine. Available worldwide on the interwebs.

Lara Casey’s Cultivate Book  I am so excited to be a part of the Cultivate Book Launch Team (literally a dream come true). I love all of the Cultivate What Matters Products and can not wait to get my hands on this books.

This make up remover I found in Paris after consulting the internet on fun, France things to bring home. This recieved a lot of hype as in mentioned on almost every blog I came across but it does not disappoint.

The new Needtobreathe tour including all acoustic shows.

I’ve been working on cultivating a more intentional life. Such as less social media, more reading, lighting candles or diffusing essential oils and listen to music or podcasts while driving or cleaning. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is one of my favorites.

Glasslock continue to be some of my favorite containers since ditching plastic containers a few years ago. The tops hold up better than pyrex to me. Baby steps people.

The Draft. Because whether not my guys go it’s still fun and interesting to watch. But college football you always have my heart.

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