A Gift


I have a kindle that I love.  The slim electronic that can hold hundreds and hundreds of stories that can transport you to any time and any place. BUT every now and then I love a good solid book. Touch it, feel it, smell it, see it book. I wish the screen was scratch and sniff for everyone to enjoy the smell of a new book or old book for that matter. Books are lovely. Many years ago my mama, aunt, and grandmother instilled in me a love of reading. Honestly, I don’t know how they were able to ingrain this into all of the children on my mom’s side but we all love to read. I wish I knew the magic formula to teach people to love to read. (I’d teach the lovely Mr.) I do not know. My best guess is they read to us and we watched them all sit in the same room together yet absorbed by books at some point every time they were together. (As a side note all three of them and I pick our toenails subconsciously while we read. Gross I know but yet it fascinates me that we all do it.)  All of the cousin twins can manage to stay up past our bedtime engrossed in a good book. We crave them. We devour them. Occasionally, we try to savor them but often get too caught up in the story line and read it quickly.  Even Kyle and Will have been known to read which is unusual for men. So to Mama, Aunt Amy, and Grammie THANK YOU for one of the greatest lessons and gifts you gave me, a love of reading. A gift that enlightens, transports, serves as an escape, educates, reduces boredom and passes time-sometimes faster than we would like. Thanks for giving me a love for real books and electronic books anyway I can take them I will. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

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