Sandy toes!

Sandy toes!

At the beginning of June we visited heaven on earth. Hunting Island!


Sunday we went to Hilton Head for this beautiful boy’s baptism. Such a sweet little love muffin!

The week was filled with excitement. Ian was hoping to get Alyssa to the lighthouse alone and in my head the whole time I’m thinking dude you know we all go together. Well it wasn’t until I turned the corner and had this put in my face that I understood! Cousin twins engaged!


Because I gave Alyssa one for graduation and Will one for his birthday and Claire and Will gave me an early birthday present we had our own hammock city! We spent many hours hanging out!

Tropical storm came to visit and kicked up some wind, waves and rain. In addition some thunderstorms provided some amazing sites.




Of course we visited the Chocolate Tree. I could live there. Before I die I will go to the all you can eat night in August! Hopefully next time I can take done candy making classes as well.


Ryan had to leave early but the sweet babies and their mommy were able to come down even driving in the storm!



On the last day we had a spectacular sunrise and the turtles came to lay eggs!


One might we tried to take pictures on the march boardwalk and saw the rain coming from Fripp but we were not fast enough to out run it. We made it to a covered area and waited it out.
I wish it was next year already. Hopefully the erosion will be kept to a minimum and our magical place will continue to survive!

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