Too much December fun!

Too much December fun!

Wow! What month! And how blessed are we!

December and continuing on into January was a month full of family and love! AtJust the way it should be! Jane, Em and I started the month off at zoo light safari.
Em had a blast playing in the “snow”!
Candace and her lovely assistance took some beautiful engagement picture for me and Ryan. Ryan was a wonderful sport through the afternoon process!

I love the cobblestone in this picture. I can’t wait to see the rest!
After that weekend, Emilee and I went home then to Fairhope with Claire, Grnny, Cthy, and the boys.

Em even let all the boys hold her!
After that fun it was time to go home so I could put in a few days at work before the real Christmas fun began!

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  1. Love the blog!!! So excited to be able to “see” you on here!! Thank you again for being Reagan’s life saver and one of my life changers!!! I’ll never forget you! 🙂

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