Surprise Inside Brownies

Surprise Inside Brownies

So I have been trying to lose weight for our cruise but also been wanting to bake some yummy treats….


…Hello, brownie!!!
I used the ultimate fudge brownie mix. Mix according to directions on box. Place one tablespoon of batter in cupcake pan. I suppose you could use a regular pan but who doesn’t love cupcakes! Next place a regular size Reese’s cup in each cupcake liner. Then place two tablespoons of batter mix on top. Bake at 325 degrees for about 30 minutes depending on your oven. I placed two mini Reese’s on top of each cupcake.

Luckily, the mini candies were on sale at target and the inspiration for this yummy brownie. Now you could use any candy you would like inside. Reese’s are just my favorite and a nice fit inside the cupcake. Baking them also brings out the salty peanut butter which makes a lovely salty sweet combo. I entered my ingredients into myfitnesspal….316 calories. But I’m not one for you can’t eat that or this I’m more of a eat what you want but stay within your calorie limit kinda girl. So I will be going for a walk to burn off a brownie tonight! I hope you enjoy this sweet treat!

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