Hot, hot, hot…

Hot, hot, hot…

Fact: it’s hot. Too hot to do laundry for fear the dryer will make the house even hotter. Too hot to cook. Too hot to do anything but not move much. It’s currently 81 degrees in the house with the air on!
Another fact: my wonderful family and I spent yesterday moving… It was 105 yesterday. Man they must love me is all I have to say! Not only did we move but we cleaned the entire house squeaky clean in hopes of getting our deposit back. I would be (and kinda am) excited that it is complete!!!!! Except…we had to move ours of the house into a storage unit because the apartment we wanted wont be ready til mid July.

Now we could have chosen the easy subpar apartment to move into but where is the fun in that! Besides its last year for Alyssa and I to fulfill our childhood dream of living together while she is in med school. We have to make this year rock and the only way to do that is a rocking apartment. Many thanks to uncle David, aunt Amy, Ian and Ryan! We started around 0615 and finished moving at 1049! Also many thanks Jessica for helping get the house clean. And mama, will and Claire who helped with pre-move preparations and my patriotic toe nails!

Needless to say after making it through yesterday moving any part of my body seems like a huge task but alas laundry does have to be done and we do have to eat. But maybe not until the sun sets tonight!

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