Well it’s been a busy happy month! I took Em to the doctor for her two year checkup. They had to draw blood and give her a shot! We started the day at McDonald’s were she ate ketchup out of the paper cup! After a nap we went to the zoo and rode the train to improve our booboos.

The first week of June we went to hunting island! What a glorious week! Can I go back now please!?! We had shrimp in some form everyday. Climbed the lighthouse. Had chocolate tree. Flew a sea turtle kite which the wind broke!! Took naps and cute pictures. And had an all around perfect HI time!

Josh and Katie got married at the end of the week. It was a beautiful venue.
My lovely plants are looking great on the back deck! 19 green tomatoes and one red one at last count! Also have baby raspberries!

Ryan has been studying for his boards which he takes thursday and then again July 5. Prayers said and fingers crossed! Hopefully he will be fully licensed by mid July!
I have slowly begun packing for the move. I really should be getting to it but really I lack motivation! That’s all for now pretty excited about next month! A birthday then an anniversary month too!!!

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