Fabulous Friday, III

We spent the end of last week in Disney. It was such fun to getaway and relax. We always have a blast together in Disney. Ill do a full blog post on our trip next week.

We returned home Monday finally after an early wake up then delayed flight. That afternoon we had scheduled a grocery pick up. One of the best decisions we ever made. Making getting settled back in easier. We also picked up sushi for dinner.

I used Tuesday to get the house back settled and celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays. Ryan jumped right back into work. I started cleaning out my closet and pulling weeds in the yard. The never ending forest of oak trees. Don’t be fooled the closet is mid clean out. I pulled all the clothes out to the spare bedroom. I’m going to shop from there for a few weeks and return stuff when I wear it then declutter some more!

Ryan had an othro appointment on Thursday. He goes back in two months and hopefully we will graduate to a six month follow up.

Friday was back at work. I found the cutest flamingo watering can for Em in the Target dollar spot. She loves to water the flowers.

I need to get my seeds and bulbs planted this week. It’s been upper 30s here at night so hopefully the last of the cold is over. I really want a long skinny flower through to put on our retaining wall. Our yard lacks full sun places. But Ryan reminded me when I had it in my hand at Home Depot we would have to move it when it was time to mow the yard.

I can’t wait for Cultivate What Matters Spring Product release next week!

AND Emily Ley’s planner cover reveal! All thE exciting things.

I have been reading more this month and it feels so much more filling than idly scrolling the webpages.

I am still on the hunt for a good journaling Bible. Hardback. Thicker pages and one column per page. White paper would be great. Any suggestions?

A Perfect Saturday Morning in the Magic City

There is no denying I love Birmingham. It’s booming with movers, makers, dreamers, creators and designers. The choices are endless for things to do and see in our Magic City. But my one of my favorites is Pepper Place Market.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I have a love affair with Pepper Place Market and farmer’s markets in general. Hip hip hooray! Saturday is the first outdoor market of the year for Pepper Place which ranks in my top two in the world, Venice, Italy being the second.

Wake up early and head to Pepper Place Farmer’s Market.  I like to get there early around 715 to beat the heat and the crowds. The Outdoor Market at Pepper Place will run every Saturday April 14 through December, 7 am to noon, rain or shine.

I love the small town feel you find here. The same talented vendors, some who have even become friends themselves so to say. Grab breakfast here with some friends.

I always allow space for adventures and new discoveries. I usually case the place once before making any purchases. My favorites include boudin or breakfast burritos from Homewood Gourmet. Grab some iced tea from Piper & Leaf to go with your breakfast. Visit the best candy makers in the Ham at Birmingham Candy Co. Owls Hollow Farm has most veggies all year long since they use hydroponic systems for growing. Marble Creek has some great meat and eggs. Hezibah Farms and Stone Hollow Farmstead have the best flowers.

You can find everything from veggies, ice cream, jewelry, plants, pastries, tea, coffee, soap, candles, flower, meat and eggs. The variety is plentiful. There’s also free WiFi outdoors this season!

I love watching these locals start out at the farmers market and grow into a real store front. Don’t forget to continue to visit them!

Fabulous Friday, II

Happy Friday the 13! I can not believe how fast this year is flying by. And I am glad I’m not working today!

Em and I spent some time together this weekend, while Ryan worked. We grabbed dinner at the food trucks at the Summit after having a wild and crazy evening riding the escalator. Saturday we mostly laid on the couch and watched movies because I had a bug or something. Luckily it was raining and the perfect snuggly time. Mama came up to keep and on me and Em. I was feeling better and picked up a few extra hours Sunday #vacationmoney.

We watched New Girl the last season premiere on Tuesday. It was a bit of a jump forward and I hope they wrap up one of my favorite shows in a satisfactory manner.

Ryan made it through his first work stretch and a rather long one at that! He is managing well and I pray it continues that way. I imagine it will take months to years for his foot to not swell and bother him. I found him one night with our little lamb we got when we lost Riley Kate on his pillow. It always stays in the bed in between us unless one of us needs extra snuggles. It’s caught more of our tears than I can count.

Ryan and I have spent some relaxing time together towards the end of the week. If your head is spinning like mine was this week with all the thoughts and feelings and irrational worries and fears then put down the phone and pick up a book or snuggle with the ones you love. Sometimes letting Ryan know what’s in my head is hard for me (basically I don’t want him to think I’m bat sh** crazy). 😂 When I remember (umm am brave enough anyone else have that problem,just me?) and share my heart and thoughts with him, he always makes it better.

I read two books this week. Both part of The Campfire Series by Beth Merlin. Cute, easy reads that help me to relax and get out of my own head. A third one comes out in August.

I’m loving my new All Birds tree runners. They are comfy and I love what a great corporation they are.

Emily Ley’s ruthless decluttering challenge is this week. I’m so inspired by all of her post.

Better Beauty Bag: Color Intense Lipstick


Introducing the first long-wearing, one-swipe lipstick by Beautycounter.

💋Vibrant, statement-making color that lasts.

💋Eight shades have a rich color payoff.

💋Luxurious satin finish.

💋Infused with refreshing peppermint scent.

💋Creamy formula moisturizes lips.

💋Made with the safety you deserve.

9 to 5: Luminous mauve


Backstage: beige-pink

Brunch: tawny-pink

First Date: rosy-pink

Garden Party: bright-pink

Little Black Dress: neutral-berry

9 to 5: luminous mauve

Twilight: bright berry

Girls’ Night: classic red

Girls’ Night: Classic Red

If you are local to the Birmingham area, let me know if you would like to try the products before you purchase. I can drop off samples or full sized products for you to try for two nights. If you shop please use my Beautycounter Link. Or simply search my name Anna Kate Stalker in the Find a Consultant area.

First Date: Rosy-Pink

Fabulous Friday, I

Simple Beauty

I am going to try a new type of post. Every Friday I’ll have a post of things we did during the week and thoughts. A little life update so to say in particular for those that love us but are not close by. I thought about posting Wonderful Wednesday because Friday already has a lot of good going for it but honestly my brain just works better thinking week to week happenings on a Saturday-Friday schedule.

Lunch at Food Terminal

This past weekend we visited Ryan’s parents in ATL. While there we found a great deal on a new front door. We are back into the process of updating things around the house. We also visited the Burford Hwy area which is a mecca of international delights. We found some interesting things in the Farmer’s Market which is more of a grocery store than a traditional farmer’s market. We ate lunch at the Food Terminal. I also grabbed a bubble tea at another store.

Rose Gold Ears

Sunday we spent the day together. Doing some laundry and household cleaning. Mama came by for a minute and helped me with my Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears production. Rose gold is super trendy right now and honestly, when things get that trendy it tends to turn me away from my love. But when it comes to Disney and Rose Gold I can not say no.

Bubble Tea in ATL

Early in the week I worked and Ryan signed his new work agreement. Let’s all just give a Hallelujah and Amen and all the praise hands to that.


Since Ryan is going back at work, we finally purchased my laptop I have been saving for a few months. My original plan was Mac but after some persuasion from Ryan I went PC 2 in 1. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. While we were in the store my Apple Watch spontaneously cut off in rebellion and betrayal. I LOVE Mac products (some of you can roll your eyes at that). I love the streamline between my watch, phone and computer. But with dreams of Hawaii and Iceland and Disney in our hearts I stepped outside of what I really wanted for money savings and more adventures trumps a particular computer.

My first fiction read of the year. I flew through it in about 24 hours. 

Ryan caught at nasty cold in ATL. I am hoping and praying I stay clear of it. So, I ran errands on Tuesday.  Returning a door since we found a better deal in ATL. We canceled the appointment for Ryan’s car for his window tint. He is priming it to sell so if you know anyone in the market. Prayers for a quick and favorable sell.  We had our favorite meal both Monday and Tuesday nights, breakfast burritos.

Buying uncooked tortillas and cooking them at home is a new, delicious favorite. 

Wednesday I worked while Ryan rested at home. Of all the weeks he has been off work, he gets a cold this week. And let’s just call it like it is, he knows it too. He gets the Man Cold. We watched my new favorite show, Rise.

To-da! or To Done! List for those days when you need to remember all you did get to accomplish.

Thursday Ryan had his first work day since December 21!!! PRAISES! I squeezed in a workout which helped the major attitude problem I was having. Have you ever been upset over something trivial but can not shake the feeling? Like it totally will workout and does not matter but I was just in a funk and did not even want to be around myself. But something did not go as I though. Ha! I know its dumb. I worked part of a night shift, so I cleaned up the house some and read. Finishing my second fiction book in the past 48 hours.

I hope this was not to step-by-step or boring for you. I thought it would mainly be a nice way to keep those that love us in our loop more.

Easter Sunday
Three15 workout. 

Goals Update: March 2018

Phew! How are we 1/4 of the way finished with 2018?!? I can not believe it, yet that has been a great motivator to buckle down, refresh and refocus on what I want the end of 2018 to hold.

For April I blocked off week five on the tending list  to help streamline my weekly to dos since this month is really just four weeks and 2 days. The past couple of months I had been having trouble figuring out what to do with the few days at the beginning and end of a month. My brain functions better one a Sunday to Saturday thought and scheduling process.

This month I tried something new. I might be late to this game because is this not what the Cultivate team teaches us…Schedule time for what you want to happen to happen. So this month I took my Simplified Planner and penciled in weekly accountability appointments, Three15 and aerial classes, house task to complete before we have a few days away, and simplifying (purging) different areas of the house.

Continue reading “Goals Update: March 2018”

A Weekend Escape to Beaufort, SC

This past weekend Ryan and I escaped for some relaxing time in the Lowcountry. The weather was a little chilly especially since when I was in Savannah just a week and a few days before it was a balmy 80 degrees. Since Ryan’s foot is still in a boot, we did not do anything major. Just relaxed, ate good food, spent some time driving around to different areas, and chased the sunsets.

My usual beach days start with beach sunrise walks. It really was colder than I expected this week so I did not walk much. Usually, I grab breakfast from Palm and Moon bagel to enjoy by the waterfront. It was closed this week for some constructions. I grabbed a biscuit at Common Grounds. The next mornings I just made my way back to bed for a nap before Ryan (the habitual late sleeper) woke up.

We grabbed lunch and then drove around, spent sometime on the beach or at the waterfront before dinner.  We tried a few new places while we were in town. Sea Eagle, Boundary Street Cafe, Bella Luna, The Upper Crust and Blackstone’s.

Sea Eagle was your generic seafood but the smell of the seafood market in the same building was too much. I prefer Shrimp Basket

Boundary Street Cafe was delicious and we will definitely go back. Ryan had the french toast. I had a panini with pimento cheese and bacon and a side of tomato soup. It reminded me of the tomato soup at Joe’s in Alabaster if you have ever been there. We split a She Crab Soup which has come closest to being similar to our favorite soup which from Panini’s on the Waterfront.

We also just ordered soup from Bella Luna. It was different. We couldn’t quite figure out how maybe added veggies?

The Upper Crust is a local pizza joint. We ordered it to go and enjoyed it at the park at sunset. We will eat there again. The upper crust pizza has an upper crust as well. It reminded me of a calzone. I want to try their Frogmore special which has shrimp and sausage on it.

Blackstone’s is located on a side street a few steps from Bay Street. They have breakfast and sandwiches. Ryan ordered the shrimp and grits, I had the crab cakes Benedict, and we shared a walnut cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll was sweet and soft. I particularly like the different nautical and school flags they used to decorate.

We also tried out Stellar Ice Cream on Lady’s Island. Yummy with interesting flavors such as ricotta honey.

We also saw a double feature at the HWY 21 Drive In Friday night. The line up could have not been more perfect. A Wrinkle in Time and Black Panther. Both phenomenal. We caught a little of Peter Rabbit before our movies started and it’s on my too watch list. We usually go to the cheaper theater in BHM that shows movies on a later timeline. Normally this is cost effective and perfectly fine with me. So this felt like a real treat.

We left later than we really planned on Sunday because Daylight Savings (oh how I loathe thee) and brunch at Blackstone’s took longer than anticipated.  The drive home which is about 6 hours and 20 minutes seemed to take forever! I had real re-entry dread/anxiety Sunday afternoon and evening. I took some time on the drive home to look at my calendar and intentionally plan some workouts and to do list time. I also made myself completely unpack which I have a bad habit of drawing it out. All that to say I am looking for some tips and tricks to make travel and the subsequent transition back into everyday life smoother. As much as we travel you think I would have this down but I do not. Any suggestions or tips?

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